Bersin WhatWorks® Members Share Their Experiences

“We look to Bersin to identify those cutting edge technologies, learning strategies, and adult learning styles that we can use to continue to raise the bar.”
Cathy Hall, Executive Director ‐ Technical/Network Learning Services, AT&T

“Bersin has really been instrumental in that they’ve always been available to us.  We wanted to hold a meeting about learning culture and what that meant and how we would move forward in that.  They came and participated in that meeting along with our teams.  They added a lot of value based upon the data that they have and what they’re seeing in terms of high‐performing organizations.”
Craig Yetter, Director, Center of Excellence Leadership & Organizational Development, GlaxoSmithKline   

“I found that Bersin provided a common platform that we could use for self‐directed development. I ended up making it part of the development plan for HR and subscribing to an enterprise wide membership so that all my global HR team ‐‐ and we’re talking about a hundred and eighty folks around the world ‐‐ could have personal access to the research and the frameworks that are available through Bersin. They are practical, they can be applied immediately on the job, but what was more important for us as an organization is they got everyone rallied around a common lexicon. So the Bersin membership gives us an opportunity to come together and do it in a more holistic fashion.”
Ann Schulte, Chief Learning Officer, Global Talent Acquisition, Management & Development, MasterCard Worldwide

“Bersin provides depth and breadth…whether it is a new strategy initiative around change execution, or around technology related to learning…They’re also very good at connecting you with thought leaders and people that have experience in an area at another company. Their ability is really good…it’s really critical.”
Jim Phelan, Senior Director, Enterprise Learning, Merck

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