5 Key Metrics for Measuring Quality of Hire

Karen O'Leonard
Director Research
and Principal Analyst

Today, organizations are taking a harder look at their recruiting practices. Hiring the wrong person carries significant costs – including the costs to source, recruit, onboard and train the new hire.  The intangible costs can weigh even more heavily on the organization.  These include the morale issues caused by bringing on a low performer or someone who is not a good cultural fit.  Indeed, a poor hiring decision costs money and may have far-reaching consequences for productivity and engagement across the entire organization – which is why quality of hire is such a paramount issue.

In this webinar, Karen and Kim will discuss five categories of metrics to assess hiring quality.  They will also demonstrate how these metrics can help an organization improve its hiring processes, sourcing strategy, training, tools and other initiatives to boost its quality of hire.  Based on our research, Talent Acquisition Factbook, and using practical examples and case studies, they will explain:

- How to define quality of hire

- How to measure quality of hire

- How metrics can be used to improve quality of hire

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June 28, 2:00 p.m. ET / 19:00 BST

Kim Lamoureux
Senior Director Research
and Principal Analyst
Bersin by Deloitte