2013 Predictions for Corporate Talent, Leadership and HR: A New HR Emerges from the Global Recession


2013 will be a year of growth and change. Businesses around the world will expand, but talent challenges will remain. Globalization, waves of new technology, and a tight market for skills will make HR and L&D more important than ever.

We believe these changes are creating what we call the “New HR Organization” – one which is an integrated part of the business. This “New HR Organization” is globally integrated, operates locally, and is powered by highly skilled HR professionals and business partners. It functions on data and drives managers to make data-driven decisions. It uses integrated self-service technology and spends its time focused on leadership development, talent assessment, culture, and has a firm grasp on the business’s current talent and future needs.

This year’s 2013 predictions webinar will highlight 15 key trends which we will see in 2013 which will define the “New HR Organization.”  Our predictions will address the impact on HR of the agility imperative and flattened organizations, the demand for continuous learning, the onslaught of social and collaborative technology and the changing role of the CHRO as leaders integrate into the business.

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February 26, 1:00 p.m. ET / 18:00 GMT

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Josh Bersin
Principal and Founder
Bersin by Deloitte